Post 1047: This is No Place Like Home

mobile home trailer in [Location]

Free Mobile Home Trailer. Needs repairs and tires/wheels.

condition: fair

make / manufacturer: no idea

model name / number: no clue

That there is certainly a No Idea trailer, their best seller, No Clue. From this fine, detailed photo Sparky included, you can see it needs tires/wheels, a roof, a floor, walls, furniture, new hitch, new appliances, and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. Good thing it’s free because you will need all your money to fix it up. Might be smarter to go buy a new one. Let Sparky figure out how to get that junk off his property.


2 thoughts on “Post 1047: This is No Place Like Home

  1. Going to take all your money just getting it out of where it’s wedged into.

    That three-foot gap out the door is probably what has kept the condition “fair” for needing a ladder to get in and out.

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  2. Hmm, rental crane truck: $500 trip charge and $500-600 per hour.
    At least one hour rigging the lift. Another hour performing the lift.
    Rental flat-ed trailer and truck: Deposit: $1000, and $250-300 hour, and the hours are truck’s door-to-door.
    Then, needing the crane again at your location to unload the trailer.

    So, figure this “free” trailer is going to be two or three grand just to move it. Before even starting on restoration.


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