Post 1050: Can You Dig It?

Free Brick Pavers for Walkway or Patio!

Free Brick pavers for walkway or patio type project! This is an existing walkway that is being replaced in a few days. There are approximately 450 bricks that are FREE for the taking.

Please, sir, may I have a brick?

Sure! Here’s a shovel, take as many as you want.

What? I have to dig them out myself?

Look, you’re getting a premium used brick with the wavy edges for free! All you have to do is dig them up.

How long do you think it will take? I have a parole meeting in a few hours.

That all depends on how fast you can work. Now get going!

Thanks for the title and the ad, Ralph.


One thought on “Post 1050: Can You Dig It?

  1. LoL. The reason the “path” is being replaced also means it will take more than “a couple day” to remove.
    There’s no edging, grass has infilled, so, there’s no sub-base, so dirt, no doubt sticky dirt, is gluing all these pavers together.
    So, figure about 2 minutes apiece to wedge these uglies out.
    Quick eyeball count gives 11 rows by 48 courses, or over 500 2 minutes each, that’s 1000 minutes, or more than 16 hours, and it’s had labor, so you add 2 hours per every four, which is easily 3 8 hour working days.

    Now, those pavers are going to be about 3-4# each. At 4 pounds, there’s a ton to load out. Figure you can get, at most, 100 brick (near a quarter ton) in a pickup truck. So, there’s five truck loads to haul off. In estimation, you generally guess that each truck load will cost you about 4 hours productivity (while it’s gone, where do you put the bricks? that, and even if stacked ,they still need loading in the truck when it returns).

    So, there’s three days’ labor removing the brick, and almost three trucking them away, so, at least a 6 day week disposing of these beasts.

    And all that assumes some things. Like the site can be left as torn up as the removal will create. That there are onsite “facilities” for the laor force employed to the task.

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