Post 1051: Does Anybody Really Know?

Daniel Stieger Clock Cufflinks – $100


Sparky wants 100 smackaroos for clock cufflinks. With no documentation on their authenticity or usefulness. I think if you wore these, you would have twice as many people asking you what time it is, just as a joke. To see which link you looked at. Plus, as they look like they really keep time, imagine twice a year having to set them an hour back or forward. Plus plus, it says Steiger right on the box! Sparky obviously can’t read. Not a smart purchase.


2 thoughts on “Post 1051: Does Anybody Really Know?

  1. Ok, so actual watch action cuff links are a real thing. However, the knock-offs are only about $25. Legitimate designer versions (the kind that might actually keep time) are around $200-300.
    And, there are ones that just “look like” watches, too.
    Steiger no longer catalogs the pictured cuff links that I can see.

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