Post 1052: Shell Game



What is it about this artillery shell casing that makes it worth 80 legal tenders? How old is it? What was it used for? Why do military surplus shops sell these for so much less? Why does my head hurt just thinking about this stuff? Not ready for eBay, I guess.


One thought on “Post 1052: Shell Game

  1. Imagination soars high.
    And pizza does not come cheap.
    eBay has gotten cranky on “go boom” things, too.
    Mind, offering to sell $20-25 items for $80 or $100 also gets you reported a lot, too.

    Brass, polished and lacquered, might be worth $40, but a plain aluminum (or steel) 3″ shell casing is just not worth that much.
    They make crummy ash trays, they tip over, and they are often in the way.

    Oh, and Spark was probably upset to discover steel is only going for $120 the ton at the scrap yard, and the dollar they offered for the casing was not enough for the pizza.

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