Post 1054: Time Management for Pet Owners

looking to rehome our little hedgehog

Hi! This is our little girl Mochi. She is a very sweet and curious little hedgehog who is very fun and active. We have really grown to love her but due to our busy and hectic work schedules, we aren’t able to spend as much qualityime as she deserves.

We are looking to find Mochi a forever home. Hopefully with someone who has experience and will provide her with the love and attention she deserves. We are asking for $300 as a rehoming fee.

She will come with;

– Enclosure

– Food and water bowl

– Her shampoo

– Her 3 favorite little teddy bears

– Snuggle sack

– House

– Clippers

– Exercise wheel

– Tooth brush

– Fleece bedding

Please contact if interested or if you have any questions.

Once more, a succinct comment from NinjaChow: How much time do you really need to spend with a hedgehog every day? I guess there is all the walking, grooming, feeding, playing… Oh no, wait, that’s a dog.

My guess is that Mochi is in the golden years of her hedgehoggy life, and they do not want to shell out the moola to keep her healthy. Poor little thing. Hope the next owner who doesn’t mind shelling out 3 hundred dollars for her will also not mind taking her to a small animal vet.


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