Post 1060: Antigravity device

Free Saftey 1st Stroller

We have a Saftey1st Stroller for free. We hope someone who needs this can use it. Thanks.

If the ad is still up then we still have the stroller, I will update the ad once we have a pending pick-up planned and I will remove the ad once the stroller has been picked up.

Saf Tey might be the name of their child. Submitter Ralph noted the stroller floating in space sideways, so it must have a 4 point saf tey harness to keep the child, well, saf.


One thought on “Post 1060: Antigravity device

  1. Webster wlll likely have to add the misspelling.–it keeps occurring in OSHA safety briefing presentations and slide packs.
    It’s also becoming common for the locking boxes inside bank vaults. So, somehow a deposit box in a safe is a “saftey deposit box.” Sigh

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