Post 1062: Cheap

red factory canaries! Also many different colour finches for sale

red factory canaries! Also many different colour finches for sale. Canary has many colours and finches as well see all pictures Also pure white Canaries Great birds very friendly. Healthy birds. Great pets to have less Maintenance. They sing so beautiful. Stress relief.

Here we go on another Pet Week because who doesn’t like canaries? Submitter NinjaChow says, “So again, not an expert on birds. What is a factory canary? Is it a canary that works in a factory, are they bred in factories, can they survive outside the factory? So many questions.” I think Sparky meant Red Factor canary because that’s a thing and Factory canary is not. Canaries are not friendly birds. They are not fond of people and want you to leave them alone. But they do sing beautifully, if they are males and looking to hook up. I wonder if Sparky knows the difference.


One thought on “Post 1062: Cheap

  1. Canaries can be more annoying than disgruntled parrots, and twice as noisy.
    Especially if the factory is not to their liking.
    They just don’t give a finch, either.
    The stress relief is when they all clock off and go grouse in their budgie bierskalle about overthrowing the aristos

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