Post 1063: What the Cluck?

Chicken Coop only no chickens

I have a free coop will help load. Located in [Location]. Leave number will call tomorrow morning.

Will help you load. If you need to ask a million questions don’t bother. It’s a free co-op bring help to carry to truck or trailer.

Why-a no chickens? Why will the coop help me load? What if I have only a half a million questions? What happened to the chickens, Sparky? Is it a co-op or a coop? Who’s bringing the truck or the trailer? I don’t know, Ralph, I think it’s really a club house and the chickens are up to summat.


3 thoughts on “Post 1063: What the Cluck?

  1. Chickens have higher standards than the co-op, obviously . . .

    And the Temporary Steering Committee is too tied up coping with being Anarcho-Syndicalist to answer your plebian questions!

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