Post 1064: Wanna Be Cowboys

Mini blue heeler corgi cross (cowboy corgis)

Dad is a mini blue heeler mom is a heeler corgi (Blue heeler dad corgi mom) Puppies were born August 22. 2 females left and 2 males Ready to go Oct 19th 500 non refundable deposit Located in [Ish] but will travel a reasonable distance to deliver puppies.

Like NinjaChow, I am wondering, if they’re cowboys where are their tiny hats and boots? I’m pretty sure Chewy or PetSmart would have those, especially at this time of year. Also I don’t think mom or dad have ever seen a cow. They look like city slickers to me.


3 thoughts on “Post 1064: Wanna Be Cowboys

  1. Corgis were originally also used as “heelers” to herd sheep and cattle — they nipped at their heels — so this should be a good combination if they are ever used as working dogs. In the meantime, these should be very willing to attempt to herd cats, squirrels, birds, porcupines, or any other animal that moves. Sparky’s customers should be prepared to put in a lot of time in training and keeping these smart critters active and out of trouble. And what do you call the mix – a Corgeeler? Heeli? Blue Horgi?

    Yee Hah!

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