Post 1067: Ganges or Indus?

River Rock 5/8″-1″ – $14

5/8” – 1” River Rock – Imported from India

(30) 60 lb bags available (56) 30 lb bags available $14.00 per 30lb bag – $28 60lb bag

Located in [Ish], Cross streets [Blvd] and [Avenue] Cell # By appointment

Very pretty rocks, and I am sure they carry the sacred power of whatever river from which they were stolen, I mean gathered. I think $14 for 30 lbs is rather cheap fore imported stone. Guess they hope you take the bargain price of $28 for 60 lbs.


3 thoughts on “Post 1067: Ganges or Indus?

  1. “Indian” river rock is a term of art from the “Indian River” which is a reference to being brightly colored.
    It was a tradename “dodge” so as to refer to “Arizona” or “Colorado” stone without using those names for legal purposes.

    Those prices are basically 1.5x retail. The HOA may have something to say about running a landscaping biz from one’s home, too

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