Post 1072: Just Great


Great Pyrenees We have only 2 girls and 1 boy left there is a rehoming fee puppies are located in [Far Away Location] but can be brought to [Ish] please text me so I can get back to you faster. Text me for more details. Parents are full breed puppies are vaccinated. Puppies were born in July 21, 2021

I’m thinking the puppies would have used better punctuation and capitalization if they had written this ad. I am relieved the parents are full breed puppies, but they should be allowed to grow up some before having kids. At least Sparky spelled the breed name correctly.

4 thoughts on “Post 1072: Just Great

  1. Anyone flogging off GP puppies (and those are shocking high-dollar dogs) ought include a caution that they grow to Shetland Pony dimensions, and require all the things that huge dog breeds require (like additional charges for grooming, nail clipping and the like). This above and beyond needing to be within convenient driving distance of the Co-Op for 90# bags of dog food.

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    • I adopted a Great Pyrenees almost a year ago, and I have indeed been a bit surprised by the additional expenses. I bought the largest crate they had in-store at PetSmart, which was definitely more expensive than I had expected. And he outgrew it. When I decided to put in a doggie door for him, I couldn’t find one big enough locally. I bought the biggest one I could find online, for well over $200. And he can barely squeeze through it. Then he decided to take a running leap over a 2-foot drop-off in my back yard, and took a nasty-looking tumble in the process. He came out of it limping a little, but the limp didn’t last long. Still, I installed a fence across the top of the drop-off to keep him from doing it again and potentially hurting himself more seriously. On the other hand, I’ve been surprised how long it takes him to get through a 30# bag of food.

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      • That’s a great story! I love big dogs for the doofus quality, and how sweet natured they are. My little maltipoo acts like she will shred any other dog she sees. Although today, she did get intimidated by a Great Dane. She woofed at him and when he turned around, she backed up.


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