Post 1074: Risky Operation

Assorted Glasses Bowels never been used – $10

Assorted Glass Bowels never been used. 9 t0 5 inch tall and some more. Pleases call or text

. Paid over $45.00 all for $10.00.

Pros — Never been used. Assorted sizes. Not as expensive as a gastric bypass.

Cons — Glass. 9 t0 5 might be some kind of code. Glass!

I can’t imagine going through life with glass bowels, even if it does assist one in weight loss. Keep on walking, Sparky. PS — These are vases! Not even bowels!

One thought on “Post 1074: Risky Operation

  1. Pretty sure anything with living bowel tissue cannot assert such tissue has never been used, as such thing are filled with microbiota by definition.

    One could presume, one supposes, that androids, or such similar creations might have us-used bowels, if such complications are included in their make up (there is an argument that converting foodstuffs into energy is more efficient than batteries).

    As codes go, I prefer single-page ciphers over sparkiispeak.

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