Post 1075: Old and Cranky

Antique Dinning Tables – $50

They need a little work to reattach the legs. I believe they are solid oak.

Round one is 54” in diameter. Looks pretty darn nice. Legs need some glue and need to be screwed to table.

Square one is 48” square and I have some leafs that go with it.

These are both antiques that need a good home and a little service and they will last another lifetime.

Be aware that if you pick up either of these items, you will never hear the end of it. Old spirits in the wood will be after you to sand out the scratches, apply the varnish, glue the legs, then screw the whole thing. Lasting another lifetime doesn’t sound that wonderful after a few months of that dinning.


One thought on “Post 1075: Old and Cranky

  1. Gee spark, buy another pig-in-a-poke storage unit?
    Will wager this is leftover restaurant stock–possibly “night club” of a certain vintage (which might explain the din).

    No one has offered anything this heavy for residential use for a century, and was rare enough then, too.

    Now, refinishing these will be a chore, too. They are not a quick coat of Pledge away from use.

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