Post 1078: Condition Undecided

2000 – 2005 Ford Explorer instrument panel

2000 – 2005 Ford Explorer instrument panel. Condition unknown.

Guess it’s Parts Week in Sparkyville. What are the odds that you would have a vehicle about 15 to 20 years old, and suddenly need an instrument panel for it? Well, if so, you are not in luck! Because this little scrap of sensitive instrumentation is less likely to work than any of the three vacuum cleaners in my garage. Better luck next week.


One thought on “Post 1078: Condition Undecided

  1. Actually, given the electronics in modern dashboards–having them go bad and want replacement entire has become more common and not less.
    That “condition unknown” is weasel-words for “dunno if it works”–which pretty much makes the thing worth less than the shipping & handling.

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