Post 1094: According to Our Custom

Custom Wine Cabinet

Free custom wine cabinet.

Sparky had this wine cabinet custom made for his home. Just for that little corner in the dining room with just a little foot or so of space. Now, he’s joined AA and the cabinet has to go. Good luck finding someone else with that same amount of space. Custom made is not one size fits all. Cheers! Happy New Year, fans!


One thought on “Post 1094: According to Our Custom

  1. So many questions and so little of the year left before Hogmanay.
    Case o wine = 24 bottle–so while is this for 32 bottles?
    Why is there a window on the side, so that you can only see the necks of the bottle?
    Why is there an electrical cord hanging out the back?
    Why no photo of the front door?
    Why do I now want a nice pinot noir for breakfast?

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