Post 1097: Buffet

Hi im cleaning my 13 acre property come get free stuff

Hi im selling my 13 acre property and need stuff hauled away for free . There is wood there . Metal you can recycle and a car for free. And a trailer and a living thing you can sleep in the back of truck it fell and there is a truckbed. come buy and get free stuff . Give me a call thanks . My name is cant leave a message i have a land line phone

So much to take away from this one! A veritable buffet, if you will, so Sparkyness. Cleaning and selling are interchangeable words. She needs it done for free! Take anything you want. Even the living thing. Whatever that is. A wee slip when she writes, come buy and get free stuff. And my favorite part, the last line. Can’t leave a message on a land line phone. It hasn’t been that long since we had land lines and answering machines, lady. Oh, and she was in too much of a hurry to get this stuff moved to get out of her car for the photos. Snap!


3 thoughts on “Post 1097: Buffet

  1. Guessing “teresa” is new to the real estate game–you are allowed to sell land “as is” encumbered with refuse and debris, for the new owner to deal with.
    Unless the County has already served “teresa” with Public Nuisance citations, which could be a big “oops.”

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