Post 1100: By Any Other Name

Free red devil asshole fish

Free Red Devil cichlid to good home he’s a jerk and he’s bothering my electric blue acara and I know he’s just going to get bigger so I want to dump this thing off to whoever is going to take care of it it’s housed right now with a big hornpout catfish and a 11 inch Oscar fish.

Submitted by Ralph with the comment, “There’s a reason for the name ‘Red Devil’.” Sparky considers all pets as disposable. Someone better step forward and take responsibility for the fish or it goes into the nearest lake. These are not expensive fish, and this is a youngster, maybe a year old. It’s recommended to keep a small group in a 50 gallon tank with lots of hiding places. Thanks, Ralph, Sparky is a quitter and a fish abuser.

And this has been Pet Week at Sparkyville!

One thought on “Post 1100: By Any Other Name

  1. Cichlids are complicated to have in a tank. They are very colorful, and active, and not too expensive. But, you need room. And patience. They are aggressive, and the weak succumb to the strong. You wind up with a tank full of cichlids, as nothing else will much co-habitates for more than a day or two.

    Our throw-away society is horrible.

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