Post 1101: Maybe 60/40

fire wood nice you split – $150

fire wood nice you split so why go to gym when you can split your own firewood. get exerice. $150 as full as you want your half ton pick up. it is already chunked up you just split. #number# ### ####

Ah, Sparky. Always can count on you to ask people to do work for you AND pay you money for the privileged. I get that this is better than arms day at the gym, but what about legs, glutes, abs, and core strengthening? I hope that answers your question about why go to the gym. Also instead of charging money, have someone edit your posts.


One thought on “Post 1101: Maybe 60/40

  1. So, somebody inherited or purchased a firewood lot and wants to unload it
    They have no idea that mechanical splitters exist, designed to save the labor.
    And, somebody had to “chunk” out all that wood–that’s a lot of chainsaw labor–which Sparky has discounted.
    Which is why I suspect how they came into this property.
    And if the owners know that Spark is selling their wood on CL.

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