Post 1102: Not the Kind I was Looking For

Free Screws

Brand new screws for FREE!!

We are a local company and we can’t use the screws in our products so we give them away when they build up. 1000s of them are available. Take some or take them all. See picture for types.

If this posting is up then they are still available.

Hard to believe that this company has to give away perfectly good screws for free. I’d imagine there’s a line around the building of people interested in free screws. Thanks, Ralph, for the ad and the title.


One thought on “Post 1102: Not the Kind I was Looking For

  1. One would think that a company that assembles things would know that the fasteners have unique and distinct dimensions.
    And that known said dimension (and description) might be of great assistance in shifting products.

    Also, that they could afford camera that had auto-focus . . .

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