Post 1104: Carpet Pad Baggers

Free Rug/carpet pad – large 20’x10’

Free pad for a rug or carpet. I’m not sure on the measurements as it is rolled up an covered but it’s about 20’ x 10’. From a no pet, no smoking home

Is this a Rorschach test? Did it used to be one before someone put a carpet over it? Or is it what’s found on the bottom of a pitcher of tea that’s been left in the fridge for way too long? I hope that cover can be sealed nice and tight to prevent anything from escaping. It could have achieved sentience by now.

One thought on “Post 1104: Carpet Pad Baggers

  1. There is a possibility this is “surplus” material. Carpet pad comes rolled and covered in plastic.
    The stuff is no cheap, so, in may have “fallen offa truck” too.

    Once in place, carpet pad tends to come out in chunks resembling a box of brittle dropped from the second floor.

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