Post 1105: Definitely a Setup.

Basketball setup

Basketball backboard with hoop and net, pole and weighted base with wheels. Free to a good home

condition: good

make / manufacturer: unknown

model name / number: unknown

size / dimensions: Adjustable up to 10’

Ralph submitted this one and the title as well. Because while this might be able to reach 10 feet in height, it’s probably six feet when collapsed. So, you are going to need a vehicle with lots of room or some red flags to hang on it. And why does it have to go to a good home? Do people actually abuse their basketball backboards? Never mind, I really don’t want to know.

2 thoughts on “Post 1105: Definitely a Setup.

  1. Yeah, those beasts do not travel well.
    That base is weighted with water (if the prospective good re-homer is lucky). Said water can be very nasty when it comes to drain it. And they seem to never seal up right afterwards, either.

    Also, that’s not even the good version with the quick change handle on the back.

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