Post 1106: Personal Problems

Free stuff from my garage

Free stuff. I have not got the patience to sell stuff. Bring your truck. I have an entertainment center that fits a 55” tv, a brand new outdoor furniture cover the I bought, too big, 110”x84”, a battery charger (old but works great), 2 sets of horse shoes(game), a cornhole game(bag toss), 2 backpack beach chairs, 2 bins of new sprinklers and related stuff, to big blue empty plastic bins with lids. And maybe more. Still cleaning out garage.

Come and take it all.

Everything is sitting on the sidewalk at the end of the cul de sac on the **00 block of [Location Road] [Ish] [Zip]

Poor Sparky. Spent years accumulating stuff, probably bought the house because it had a garage for more stuff, and now he doesn’t have the patience to sell stuff. At least he’s not trying to sell it for crazy prices. I guess it’s no use trying to haggle with him.


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