Post 1109: Doing It Wrong

Bath tub

Bath tub

Is this a tub I see before me? Dost have stains around the hole, I ken. And between that and laying on its side, how dost it keep the water in? Is it heavy? Do you deliver? Is it enamel or fiber glass? At least the price is right. Unless it’s not worth what it would take to move it to the dump.


2 thoughts on “Post 1109: Doing It Wrong

  1. Suitable for a bathtub Madonna! I have one of those old cast iron tubs buried in my yard — in pieces. They smash easily with an excavator.

    I plan on leaving a cryptic map so that someone with a metal detector will think they have found buried treasure some day.

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  2. Material of the tub is important, as that determines how many helpers you need to heave the thing into the ride you are bringing.

    Also matters for what sort of pallet/dunnage you need, too. Plain blanket will suffice for an FG tub. Wooden pallet and mover’s blankets will be needed if enameled steel. More it the thing is iron.

    Leaving the finished side down on the floor is not a good idea unless you want the exposed finish al beat up.

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