Post 1110: Not.An.Armoire

free Armour

White . Has 4 shelves inside . Stickers are removable. Moving. No room . Will be gone before Feb 16th

There are whole sections of the penal code that deal with free armour. Er, a friend said there is. Also why not tell us something about the cabinet that we can’t see from the photo? We can see it’s white and has stickers that can be soaked off. Shelves inside is a good start, but what about the other dimensions? How deep is your Armour?

Thanks for the ad and the title, Ralph!


One thought on “Post 1110: Not.An.Armoire

  1. “Armour” was the original name of the vast pork meat company.
    The name is retained for their pig-based thyroid medication.
    That’s a legitimate British spelling for “armor,” as in “suit of.”
    All of which can affect people’s lusts and desires . . .

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