Post 1117: Flat Tillers Suck

Tillers – $10

“I have some tillers in good condition 3 of them are snow tillers very good condition they are 17 all together are 6 they are all good I’m asking $10 a pice if you interested please email for more info

Submitted by Ralph, this ad has everything! Cat math, Engrish, and a Ball of Confusion. I mean, what are you going to do with 3 snow tillers? Sure, this Sparky probably speaks a language where the double L is pronounced as a Y. But I bet at least one of the tillers has the word tire right on it. Cool story, bro.

One thought on “Post 1117: Flat Tillers Suck

  1. If that’s VTT (Voice-To-Text), I’m sure I don’t want to hear in what accent it is . . .

    As tires go, most of those are not exactly “good”-just what I want to imagine what other people are relying upon in the snow . . .

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