Post 1118: Feeling Cheaper

Wood cheaper – $120

I have a Troy Bill wood cheaper for $120 the price is firm please send your number for fast comunicado thank you

One more submitted by Ralph. I know that the brand name of the item is on the machine. I’m also pretty sure it says chipper on it. So, Sparky can’t read, can’t spell, and I wonder if he is any good at math. You could offer him two fifty-dollar bills and he might go for it. Once you’re in comunicado. Which I think is next door to the Walmart in town.


One thought on “Post 1118: Feeling Cheaper

  1. Sadly, that Troy-Bilt is a cheaper chipper. The motor is a bit small for the work it needs to do, and the discharged is straight down, so the chip pile back up into the thing. There’s a “hack” to flip the discharge chute, but then it just fountains chip straight up in the air, which is not much better than straight down.
    For $120 firm I’d be excuommunicado with Spark.

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