Post 1119: Untrusted

Pair of green cheek conures

Conure parrot available. very young bird just under 8 months old. very playful bird which can be Tame very easily. Each with out cage and cage is all are indoor home Breed. must go in loving home. if intrusted please inbox me. [phone number]

Where did I put my decoder ring? Very playful means will draw blood when biting but is only kidding. Can be tamed if kept in a dark room for a week with only bread crumbs to eat.* Cage is all. Indoor home Breed means will not mate if put outside. Loving home means you will have to show the birds how it is done because they were taken from their parents too soon. Untrusted. And a phone number with an in box. Whew! I think my ring melted.

*Seriously, don’t ever do this to a parrot.

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