Post 1129: Snek Snacc

field mouse

caught this little dude humanely and just hoping someone has room for him in their habitat, i will likely be catching more if you are looking to expand

Ralph submitted this and suggested the mouse would look good in a snake or reptile habitat. I concur. Wild mice have diseases and poor manners. I suggest Sparky switch to less humane traps for future little dudes, just as God intended.


2 thoughts on “Post 1129: Snek Snacc

  1. Without scale references this is unlikely to be a “field mouse” Microtus pennsylvanicus, the Eastern Meadow Vole.

    Far more likely to be a “house mouse” Mus musculus.

    The latter more common frozen as snek chow. There’s a reason “Fancy Mice” are bred for domestication as pets, too,

    While Spark is certain they have “humanely” trapped this rodent, all they have achieved is a deferment of its fate in the world.

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