Post 1132: Measure for Measure

Free firewood 2qt

I got free firewood dry about 4seasons.

2qt. Not split. full logs

They are mostly decayed or rotten, So Burn this wood Outside a fire camp, NOT for inside.

Not sure it was several trees growing into on stump!

Take a look at the left of the picture.

The tree was cut 2017.

And was left outside till 2019

We put it under tarp after.

I am just no longer in shape to split this up.

I have a fireplace out side and this burn slow

By next day ,, ashes remains

First come first serve.

You must take it all at no charge.


This gem comes from Ralph, who also provided the perfect title. I know I’m a quart low, but I don’t particularly want decayed or rotten stuff. Slow burn outside a fire camp. Growing into on stump is now my favorite phrase.


One thought on “Post 1132: Measure for Measure

  1. So, we need taco to translate cubic knives into liters . . .

    That looks to be about a quarter cord–at best; probably no better than 1/8 as it’s unsplit.

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