Post 1149: B-lighted Trees


Free lighted trees. Not just for Christmas use, great for crafts and a variety of other purposes. Come and get them today while they last!

The Starry Blight posted last week has apparently spread to a few other CL ads. Ralph sent this in as evidence that this pandemic is growing. Well, not really growing any longer, not with all those lights on them. I wonder if Sparky is willing to share which crafts he uses these trees for, and maybe just one or two of the variety of other purposes. Not just for Christmas any more!

One thought on “Post 1149: B-lighted Trees

  1. Several word definitions are strained here–“lighted,” and “tree” particularly.

    Given the generally poor grasp of English grammar by sparkii, perhaps This is phonetic.

    As in “lighted” means “cut offin ah tree, so iz lighter.”
    Of course, context is of no help. It could mean easily flammable, as in “Clem dun lighted wun dem trees an it lighted up gud!”
    And, “tree” may be an expression of quantity, rather than a denomination. “Iffen Clem cut ‘nother, iddud be fur lighted.”

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