Post 1153: Off the Truck

Bird cages and other cages, crates etc, reptile heaters

Adorable small bird cage on stand, yours for 25.00, next picture of cage on side has tray etc in next picture, yours for 30.00. Have lots of cages for birds, even large AE for macaw, off white, 500.00 tons of cages, playpens, bowls etc, even heaters for reptiles. Make offer, cash only.

Sparky had a tough time getting into the PetSmart truck while the driver was taking things into the store. He could only grab a few cages and bowls. The prices for the small cages aren’t bad, but the 500.00 tons of cages are going to be hard to shift. Maybe he found an unattended forklift somewhere.


One thought on “Post 1153: Off the Truck

  1. 500.00 tons of cages? I thought the song was about bananas?

    At 10,000# per 40′ container, that’s 100 containers (call that quarter of a a trainload).

    Wait–what _kind_ of “tons”–short (2000#), long (2240#), or metric (2204#)?

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