Post 1158: What’s on the Slab

red wood slabs epoxy table tops – $100

red wood slabs epoxy table tops $100 takes it These were shipped from Oregon or Washington I will load you

Oh, Sparky! It was great when it all began, but if you will load me, will you also unload me? Do you have insurance to cover injuries to my person as I try to work with these ginormous chunks of red wood? Perhaps you know a good chiropractor. Epoxy on both your slabs!

PS: May you have a special Memorial Day!

3 thoughts on “Post 1158: What’s on the Slab

    • The “possibilities” in a “burl” stump are endless. You run them through a band saw wrong, and all you have is knotty redwood. Goes from $$$$ to $$ per board foot. There are also a ton of regulations on “harvesting” redwood, too. A “dug stump” is considered “refuse” rather than a “forest Commodity,” too.

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  1. Spark glosses over some important considerations here. Like how much truck and/or trailer are you going to need? Or, do you happen to have the thousand dollar band saw and handling equipment to whack out the table top slabs. Or that, you need to comply with all manner of environmental regulations while working with epoxy in table top quantities.

    And, mostly, Spark doesn’t say if it’s a c-note for one or _both_ stumps.

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