Post 1159: Awfully Specific

Simple Human Trash Can

It has lived a good life here, it’s fully functional and it’s ready for pickup. FREE! I will delete the ad as soon as it is picked up.

I guess I can’t use this because I have extremely complex human trash. I’m very glad the can has lived a good life. But does that mean it’s a sentient being? Fully functional? Ready for a pick-up line? I’ll pass.


One thought on “Post 1159: Awfully Specific

  1. I always wondered about the marketing aspect of branding a product line “simple human”–but Bed, Bath, & Beyond sold tons of the stuff.

    What Spark fails to mention is that this can uses a specific bag liner, either 5 or 6 gallon size, that was _only_ sold under the “simple human” brand name. A regular “small trash” is too small; and a “medium kitchen” (also very thin on the ground) is too large. A 16 gallon “large kitchen” bag is large enough to put the can inside of.

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