Post 1164: Officer, I Can Explain

3ft fence post and concrete footers

We have about (7) 3ft fence posts attached to concrete blocks. Come and take as many as you want.

(Address in fancy seaside community)

Sparky must have hidden cameras set up to catch the unwary who show up to collect some of these posts. I mean, does that look like a normal house where someone might be giving things away? No, it looks like a parking lot that is patrolled by the police a couple times a day. I hope he posts the film on YouTube.


One thought on “Post 1164: Officer, I Can Explain

  1. Somebody went to a great deal of trouble to make the mould for those bases, and to allow installing that (not cheap) Simpson Strong-Tie post base in the mould to allow pouring the concrete.

    Looks like they once had some sort of crossbeam, too.

    That’s a lot of effort to just give away.

    But, we live in a disposable society.

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