Post 1165: Anagram or Code?

Free scooter and wood desk

Scooter works but needs new battery. Wood desk is very heavy, has all drawers and two months motor stands.

I hope someone can explain what two months motor stands are. Because if not, it’s either ananagram or code and makes less sense than the rest of Craigslist.

I like: Ashton std sworn tomtom or and thorns tomtoms twos. Neither makes any more sense than the original. Guess we’ll never know what Sparky was trying to say.

One thought on “Post 1165: Anagram or Code?

  1. “John has a long mustache?”
    That does not appear to be “all drawers” either.
    Everything about this suggests that anyone visiting this place will wind up in pit being given skin lotion lowered in a basket.

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