Post 1167: Careful How You Say That

Free flock

I have 2 buff, 1 Rhode Island Red, and 1 sliver laced Wyandotte. All hens are layers they are about 1 year old. Hen Turkey is laying(if you can find um) and male duck. Duck and turkey are a pair. Would like to get rid of all birds to same person. Free range birds get into the mulch to much to be able to sell my house. We are moving and need them gone. Give me a call, leave a message because I do not receive unknown calls. Thanks

Duck and Turkey, sitting in a tree, l-a-why?-i-n-g. Nice flock you got there. Shame if something should happen to them. Like if someone thought you were giving something else for free that sounds like flock. You got a good start on a tur-duck-en going, might be a selling point you have overlooked.

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