Post 1175: All Your Base

Heavy steal-based table for scrap

Unfortunately someone tossed my table into the [Location] River at the dead-end of WEST [Ish] Street. If you can haul it out it is yours to recycle.

Ralph blessed us with this ad, in which “Steal” as in stolen is the key element here. Depending on how long it’s been in the drink, you could have all sorts of unexpected life forms hauled up with the table. Might be best to let bygones be someone else’s problems.

One thought on “Post 1175: All Your Base

  1. All manner of potential complications here, depending upon just who is in charge of the watershed. Environmental impacts, Permission forms to enter the wetlands–there’s just no Ima goan t’river and gettme [thing.
    Mind, while steel scrap is “up” that’s from $26/ton to $44/ton. The $1.25 for this “table” not likely worth it.

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