Post 1176: Saw 10 — Dead Broke

Table saw with broken motor

Table saw with broken motor. Probably an easy fix or could make cool man cave table.

Will remove ad when gone.

This would have made a great Father’s Day gift for my hubby. It’s almost exactly the size of his man cave. Every mechanic wants a broken motor to fix, easy. Sparky is too generous to his fans. Which are also, likely, broken.

One thought on “Post 1176: Saw 10 — Dead Broke

  1. Spark has found that the “made someplace in SE Asia” tool they bought uses a motor only available in Ulan Bator and replacements cost more than the saw does . . .
    From the looks of the photo, the motor casing sheared off, so, any repair will only be after the jagged motor casing remnant is removed from the saw body . . .

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