Post 1179: Behind the Times

Motion Sensor to Pager – $15

Motion Sensor to Pager – New. Batteries included. Prevent falls and wandering for home care solutions. Monitor your patient (elderly or child). A sensor will send signal to your pager if movement is detected. Brand new item. Retail price is $34. Do not email or text. Just call please. Thank you.

I will admit, when I saw this ad, my first thought was, who uses pagers anymore? Well, to avoid a Corey comment from the smart folks who read this blog, most healthcare professionals still do. And there are a lot of good reasons to do so. In fact, looking back, I wish my family had invested in pagers when we went to events like Comic Con. Cell reception in the Convention Center has been horrible. But I stand by my first impression because Sparky only wants phone calls. No texts, no emails. And it’s probably a land line at that.

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