Post 1185: SETI Hits Bad Times

Satellite Dish – 8′ Diameter

Old satellite dish; 8 feet diameter. Does not work; good for scrap/other projects

Back in the day, Sparky let SETI (the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) use his computer’s processing power when he was asleep or at work through SETI@home. But after a while, the aliens began to talk to Sparky, to tell him that “guns are good, the penis is bad”. And that certain toothpaste brands were lying about their protective abilities. Then the aliens told Sparky to use the satellite dish to barbecue dinner. After that, the aliens stopped speaking to him. Maybe the fire ruined the satellite’s ability to communicate with humans. Or maybe when his neighbor Paul moved away, the aliens decided to talk to him, instead. He had a lot more guns than Sparky.

One thought on “Post 1185: SETI Hits Bad Times

  1. The 2.5 meter dishes were pretty “trailer park” even in their heyday. The 6.5m dishes were the “real deal.”

    “Does not work” is innate to most antennae, though–they are all pretty inert until connected to /something/. That _something_ is middling important.
    Now, if sparky just tried to plug an extension cord in, or a set of jumper cables, then the receiver head could be fried Which makes this “assembly” wrth about as much as a cartridge Smith-Corona typewriter w/o a cartridge . . .

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