Post 1193: Don’t Augur the Point

Auger for sale 3 point – $500

Pto driven auger with 12 in bit

I hope the new Sparky Code Book is released soon. Part Time Only driven augur with 12 (something) inside the bit. That can’t be right. But it’s cool that if I spend 5 C notes, I get 3 points on my Visa card!


One thought on “Post 1193: Don’t Augur the Point

  1. “Pto” is normally rendered as “PTO” for Power Take Off, a fitting that supplies engine power to attachments on tractors.

    The “3 point” is a ‘shorthand’ of sorts for the “Three Point Hitch” which is a way to attach powered implements to tractors that has been in use for about a century now.

    The “Three Points” refers to two lifting arms, and to the Power Take Off.

    Now, using a wore-out auger may not auger well for future owner(s), as the PTO only runs in one direction. So, if a person runs the drill bit in and catches it on something, you have to disconnect and put a long bar through its fastening and find a couple of stout lads to manually turn the bit out in reverse.

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