Post 1195: Rut-Oh

Rut sack – $10

Rut sack, alliummin frame many different size pockets, 5lbs.

Alley—omin? Alli in one? Rut sack pockets? I often wonder if Sparky does these things on purpose or if his life is really that rucked up. Thanks, Ralph, another gem!


One thought on “Post 1195: Rut-Oh

  1. Ruck: noun, a multitude or throng, a disorganized mass of people; verb, to make a fold or crease. It’s also the term for a “loose scrum.”

    The “rucksack” is a folded or creased “back pack” to contrast to the “haversack” which often was more rigid construction.

    Now, Spark may be thinking of carrying things along a rut. Or, perhaps following animals in “in rut.”

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