Post 1197: Crikey!

2010 GATOR – $9,500

2010 GATOR



2500 HRS


That’s a pretty steep price for using the Gator for only 2500 hours. I did not know that you could feed gators with diesel. I did know they do run great. But I might wait for the 2023 model to go on sale. I hear they added cup holders just behind the eyes.


One thought on “Post 1197: Crikey!

  1. These are hugely popular off-road vehicles, so that’s a suspiciously low price.
    Unlike their namesake, these 6x6s are not entirely amphibious, and floods and other “submergence events” events will kill the resale value.
    For a 12 y/o vehicle, a bit more “service history” would be appropriate, too.
    Like age of tires, most recent oil & fluid changes, how current are the filters, and so on.

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