Post 1198: Multiple Choice

trailer or its a saw or its for sale cheap – $300

trailer or its a saw or its for sale cheap (phone number)

Ma Sparky: Pa, you gots to get rid of that junk in the back acre. It looks a sight.

Pa Sparky: Okay, Ma, but what is it? Can’t list it unless we know what it is.

Ma: What do you do with it?

Pa: Sometimes I take it down the trail to the fishing hole. Sometimes I rest my saw on it. I’d sell it real cheap.

Ma: There you go! Be sure you put a phone number there so the buyers can come and get it.

And that’s how I ended up with a saw. Or a trailer. Well, it was for sale cheap.


One thought on “Post 1198: Multiple Choice

  1. Looks like a firewood operation.
    Which does not suggest either careful maintenance nor light use.
    That being a radial arm saw, and probably used outside of Design Specifications, _and_ at a firewood pit, Spark may now be answering to “Lefty” . . .

    Like as not, who ever buys this “treasure” will need a trailer to haul it away, from the looks of those tires. So, if Lefty-Spark is offering $300 to haul it away, that would probably cover tires and registration . . .

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