Post 1203: Evening, Squire!


we are liquidating Bird cages ( store closed Down ) ,we have 2 Styles Left

All our cages made in USA , high end Quality

They stand feet long , 3 feet wide

1st one squire open from top so your bird can go up and play retail $ 298.00 plus tax ,,, Sale $180.00

2nd one cabinet style retail $250.00 plus tax ,,,,Sale $120 .00

Pick up from [Ish County] we also have-cups and dishes for your cage

It’s very difficult to liquidate bird cages. There is very little moisture inside. Also, these tiny cages can be had new for much less than the amount Sparky is quoting here. Of course, with them being feet long, they could be larger than they appear in the photos.


2 thoughts on “Post 1203: Evening, Squire!

  1. Fun fact–that “cabinet style” is a knock-off of a much better cage.
    One designed, clearly, by parrot owners. Even has a catch apron for thrown food & nuts. All the latches are designed to be parrot-proof, too.

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