Post 1206: A Nope Necklace

This week, I’m looking at CL ads around the world. This one is from London.

Tarantula Leg Necklace – £12

Tarantula Leg Necklaces Find your favourite molts in a stylish corked bottle and faux leather necklace. Perfect for those cute, quirky and loving being different. Bottles are approx 3cm tall Currently available :

Poecilotheria Regalis (Indian Ornamental) from our pet TIGER

Juvenile Omothymus Violaceopes (Singapore Blue) from our pet COBALT

If you would like a particular species please message when placing your order else you will be sent a surprise! **All Tarantula parts are from molts, a natural part of a tarantula lifecycle and growth. Each one is a beloved pet of ours and kept under excellent conditions. No tarantulas are harmed in the making of these items. **

I’m so relieved to know that no tarantulas were harmed in the making of this questionable jewelry. I suppose there are people in the world who think these are lovely and would actually fork over the cash to buy one. Or more. Best of luck in your endeavor, Sparky of the Brits.

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