Post 1207: What, No Sushi?

This week, I’m looking at CL ads around the world. This one is from Tokyo.

La maison de couscous (Tunisian restaurant/Halal)

We don’t ask Japanese skill If you speak English, French or Arabic. Who interested in North African , Arab cuisine, join us!!

I imagine that part of my American ethnocentricy is having difficulty picturing foreign food in foreign lands. I always think of fish and rice and maybe okonomiyaki. This could be also due to the manga and anime I have been exposed to. So, this is very interesting, that couscous is a big seller in Tokyo. Who knew? Well, obviously the people who placed this ad.

One thought on “Post 1207: What, No Sushi?

  1. This is where having watched the original Iron Chef comes in handy.
    Mind, “American food” is exotic, foreign, fare in Japan.

    There was a legendary columnist who worked for the Houston Chronicle several decades ago. He was famously a fan of Chinese cuisine, and would seek out new and “authentic” variations when ever his work took him traveling. He and his traveling cohort were in SF one year, and took to wandering the back alleys of Chinatown. There, they found a line of Asian folk lined up at a door lit only in neon Chinese characters. While in line, they discussed what possible delicacies they might find within. After a bit of that, one of the people in line told them “You won’t like this place.” They protested and proclaimed their bona fides. “No, this place, it serves American food!”

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