Post 1209: Nature is Confusing

Roadrunner Case for Single Cut – $65

Gator case for single cut. Good condition.

Open to guitar related trades.

A roadrunner is a bird, and a gator is an aquatic reptile. Somewhere way back in their family tree, they may have been related. Pretty sure, before Cap’n Mac digs into the facts, that Roadrunner is the brand name and Gator is the type of case. Nonetheless, Sparky is doing a fine job of confusing the issue.


One thought on “Post 1209: Nature is Confusing

  1. Actually, I’m reading “gator” as spakii for “guitar”–go figure.
    Never heard a guitar (or git’ar) called a “cut” before. Axe, & chopper, yes, but not a “cut.”

    Oddly, there’s no mention of shoulder or other carrying straps, which, I’m given to understand, set the merits of such soft-side cases.

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