Post 1212: Insecure Security

free arlo security yard sign

We don’t need this.

Wish there were more details. Did Sparky have a break-in that Arlo failed to report or try to stop? Did Arlo go on break and forget to report back for duty? What if I get the sign and put it in my yard, and then Arlo knocks on my door to complain about it? After all, if they are smart security, they have to know what’s going on. Sounds like a bad idea.

2 thoughts on “Post 1212: Insecure Security

  1. Decided to look Arlo up. And, was not warbling about illegally hitchhiking on railcars, but, apparently a line of security
    Apparently, if one gets a subscription to the web services for the cameras, one gets that sign.

    There are more than enough places online to debate the utility and efficacy of such signs, so, it’s probably enough to point out that Spark is willing to give theirs away fro free.
    That, and the Arlo cameras can be linked to Alexa as easily as the Arlo system.

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  2. Just one picture of this sign, and not (27) 8×10 glossies?

    Also, the bird icon on the bottom of the sign is inaccurate. ARLO is the AOU (American Ornithological Union) code for the Arctic Loon, and they don’t look like that. Arctic Loons also don’t provide home security.

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