Post 1214: Short Dogs Only

Dog kennel

This dog kennel has gone unused for years It’s on the back lot of my property, would need a few guys, a big truck to come and get it out. it’s on a slope

Approximately 3ft tall X 20ft long X 6ft wide Must remove & haul

Oh, Sparky. Just call a metal recycler and have done with it. You may actually have to pay someone to remove this junk if you seriously want it gone. But you get points for trying.


One thought on “Post 1214: Short Dogs Only

  1. Hmm, going to guess it’s not just laying there on the hill. So, all the metal posts are set into the concrete slab it’s sitting upon.
    So, a person is going to need a skid steer to clear this away (especially the 3 cubic yards of stuff around it). And at $156 per ton, that hundred, maybe, pounds won’t even pay for the diesel.
    Spark is likely going to have an easier time selling sand in a desert.

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